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The Shaolin Gurukul - India's Martial Arts Camp

Shaolin Gurukul by Shifu Kansihka Sharma

The Shaolin Gurukul as The name suggest 'Shaolin' meaning the little Forest  and ' Gurukul' meaning residential school in India with disciples living near the guru, often in the same house. 

Shifu Kanishka had always dreamt of his Gurukul where he could pass on his diverse martial art knowledge to martial art seekers.

There are many who seek the knowledge and secrets of Shaolin.
In India, the Shaolin Gurukul will strive to deliver authentic martial art training to its disciples.

The Shaolin Gurukul Location - a dream come true!

I believe a few things are meant to be. 
The story behind the  location of the Shaolin Gurukul is a memory which will last with me forever, a short drive from Pangot down hill crossing coniferous forest and small villages, village schools, followed by a short trek through terrace farms filled with coriander plantations, all along the the waterfall and suddenly we were in the middle of a valley surrounded by hills of terrace farms and a few village houses in a distances. 

Goats and mules along with local village women giggling from underneath the stack of huge bundles of paddy, school children running down hill with the wind against their chapped face, water flowing to farms within the small drainage systems built to control the flow of water, shrubs grown wild all around.
under the clear blue sky. 
It was here we found the spot, as we arrived a burst of bright blue butterflies took flight as if to greet us and  that was it! the perfect spot for our dream to come true and continue for ever, the spot of the future Shaolin Gurukul.

Since then there was no looking back. I knew this was my mission to give birth to the Shaolin Gurukul right there at a farm in Mahrora village, Bagar Talla Uttaranchal. 

The  Shaolin Gurukul Infrastructure
When we commenced work the land was filled with rock and boulders, it took months of labour to work on clearing out the land and to begin work. We attempted to use the rocks to build the Gurukul store and used local slate to tile the roof. The idea was to retain the local village home feel, I loved it!

The Kitchen is  a cute little corner with a view of the hills and the windows all around it adjacent to which is an eatery where disciples are served with delicious food made of local produce. 
All disciples will be expected to assist by washing their own utensils.

The Accommodation is in spacious and cozy, Jungle Safari tents which is shared.Toilets and baths are separate.

A Typical Day at Shaolin Gurukul

0600 0700
Practice Of Qi Gong (Meditation in Movement)
1000 -1230
Martial arts Training as per Roster
Free Time
Refresh, Warp-up followed by Tea-cookies
1700 1900
Evening Training
Bonfire/ Free Time

The Shaolin Gurukul Training area.
The training area is a rustic patch where disciples will train on bags, tyres and traditional mabu poles, besides traditional Shaolin art forms and combat training.

Shifu Kanishka Sharma, has customized the training programs at for the residential Shaolin Camp, to incorporate all aspects of martial art training.

A typical day beginning with meditation, Qi gong or Taichi followed by Shaolin Kung fu and 3E combatives.
Disciples will get to experience and learn more than just martial arts.

Train like you Fight 
Fight like you Train
3E combatives is trademarked system which is a blend of various martial art techniques and combined to form a practical Easy, Effective and Economical combative system.

I look forward to meet you here- Dipika


  1. Just what was needed in India! A centre of excellence for beginners and advanced masters alike, anyone with a passion for martial arts :)
    Am looking forward to coming for my training camp there, best and most productive holiday.

  2. Just 1 question How can i join ?

    1. Vishal you can join write to and receive the detials

    2. Vishal you can join write to and receive the detials

  3. Kanishka Sir has really done a great job...I respect him

  4. Kanishka Sir has really done a great job...I respect him

  5. Hello,

    Is residential camp operative all the year round? If I want to join for a month October or February 2017, is it possible to do so? What is the procedure?

  6. I want to train under your guidence...

  7. I want to learn this great art...

  8. I want to train traditional shaolin Kung Fu how can I be able to join in this place I live in assam

  9. Only hindi language
    Mujhe kunfu bhut hi acha lagta main bhi sikna chata hu par hamare yaha koi suidha nhi hai

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