Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Boys training at the Shaolin Gurukul.

Ground fighting techniques at the Shaolin Gurukul India's Residential Martial arts training . 

A Meditation session at the Shaolin Gurukul India

Jungle safari Tents - The Accommodation at The Shaolin Gurukul India,

Students learning Qinna (Shaolin locks) Shaolin Gurukul camp.

Entrance with a view of the Shaolin Gurukul camp in the back ground

Traditional Candle punching drill - Shaolin Gurukul Residential 

Students pose after a training session on a nearby hill . Shaolin Gurukul Residential camp India.

Fun time - Shaolin Gurukul Camp Shifu Kanishka Sharma

Shaolin India - India's Best Martial Arts  Training center, Camp

Shaolin India Students On The Mabu Poles. Shaolin Gurukul Residential camp site for  Martial arts training.

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  1. hi whats the age for kids to join? may i have your contact no?