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Summer Camps India

Good Day and Greetings from Shaolin India's Adventure camps India.

Kungfu Kids Shaolin Campers

We at Shaolin India have an amazing combination of adventure life skills and Martial art training camps for Children and Amazing corporate Outings / Workshops for Adults across India.

Shifu Kanishka Sharma is a renowned Martial artist who has trained Bolly wood celebrities and the Elite Indian Military and Law enforcement units along with various Schools and Corporate houses across India.

Shifu Kanishka Sharma Shaolin Kung fu India

Campers at Shaolin Camp India

Our Camp Rocks!! Situated near The International Birding Village of Pangot which is 15km away from Nanital.
The drive to here passes through the forested area of Cheena Peak Range via Snow View Point and Kilbury, which are excellent Birding Spots.
From Wikipedia -The main attraction of Pangot are its birds; around 580 bird species have been recorded in this area.[1] One can see a variety ofHimalayan species along the way such as lammergeier, Himalayan griffon, blue-winged minla, spotted & slaty-backed forktail, rufous-bellied woodpecker, rufous-bellied niltava, khalij pheasant, variety of thrushes etc. Almost 150 bird species have been recorded at Pangot and the surrounding areas. The numerous perennial & seasonal creeks are home to a variety of flora and fauna including leopards, yellow-throated Himalayan martens, Himalayan palm civets, ghorals, barking deer and sambhar

Our camps are are a fun place for children and adults to take a break and  rejuvenate.

Shaolin India's Summer camp for Kids
Children 5 Animal Kung fu Neuro Muscular development Program-
This is a program named Shaolin 5 animal Kungfu  and is derived from 5 Animals such as Tiger , Leapord, Crane, Snake and Dragon. 
As taught at The Shaolin Temple China , each of these animals have distinctive Characteristics and strength. We use the same strengths of these animals to develop the neuro muscular program for the kids.
1. Tiger- Represent Power and Ferocity and Strong Arm Strength
2. Crane- Represent Balance and Calmness
3. Snake – Represent Regulated Breathing and Sudden Snipping
4. Leapord – Represent Ballistic Speed
5. Dragon- Represent elements like Speed, Timing, Power ,Accuracy and precision.

Benefits of Kung fu for Children
Learning 5 animal Form helps the children -
·         Increase their Stamina and power
·         Increase Focus and develop Calmness
·         Reduces stress levels.
·         Develops the childs Muscle tendons
·         Improved Balance 

Best Summer camp India
Why Shaolin Neuro Muscular Program for Kids ?

Self Confidence in a Child
In a world where any one may face crime and be a victim of bullying or harassment or street violence,  Kung fu training helps Children to boost their confidence and be aware of their surroundings.  At Shaolin Kung fu India, the training is designed in a manner to improve physical fitness, left & right coordination, self protection techniques,  discipline and  developing calmness through Shaolin Meditation tips. And don’t we all know a confident child is a leader.

Physical Fitness
Camping Learning Kung fu Shaolin Kung fu India

 - physically active children have fewer chronic health problems than kids who are sedentary.  With today’s trends where children indulge hours on the play stations and in front of the idiot box Our Shaolin Kung fu classes help the child be fitter and more physically active as Kung fu is a work out which moulds the Childs supple bodies into fit individuals.
Neuro Muscular coordinating
Kung fu Classes India

  -The martial arts training at Shaolin Kung fu India develops the child’s neuro muscular coordination, which is essential for a child as proper coordination aids them in various stages of growth and other activities such as dance, sports, music etc.
Concentration & Discipline
Shaolin Martial arts classes India
Improved concentration is natural by product of kung fu training.  At Shaolin Kung fu India, there are a lot of movements and techniques to learn and there is pressure to focus the mind and do them correctly.  A child learning Kung fu understands the importance of discipline towards their seniors, self discipline to achieve their goals.
Kungfu Karate Kids India

 – A child training at Shaolin Kung fu classes, practices specially designed workouts,  which allows the students to release nervous energy. Working up a good sweat has always been a great way to diffuse anger. Experienced martial artists exhibit calmness outside of the training hall as well. The confidence gained through mastery of Shaolin kunfu helps the child be clam in stress full situations such as exam Pressures,  Stage Frights, interviews and dealing with  peer pressures. 

The Corporate programs/ Camps
Shifu Kanishka Taichi India

Corporate Programs for Adults and the working professionals of Today 
Qi gong  Meditation In Movement 
Shifu Kanishka's Tai Chi Chuan & Qi Gong Training Programs in India
Qi Gong is 'Energy techniques' or 'Energy Skills' the ancient Chinese internal arts used for over 5000 years to promote health, emotional happiness and spiritual development. These methods combine movement of postures, breath, and mind to balance and enhance ones vital life energy.

It has been popularly referred to as Chinese Yoga and moving meditation. Too much non action meditation (sitting meditation) can be bad for your joints your back your neck as sitting at a computer all day. We meditate to cleanse our minds and open our hearts. Your mind and your body are inseparable.

These methods formed the early root of Chinese medicine and are still considered an integral part of modern Chinese medicine.

Today millions of people practice Qi gong in China and around the world to successfully treat a myriad of diseases, to improve general health, support longevity and to promote psycho- spiritual growth and happiness. These energy methods provide us with the skillfull means to assume greater responsibility for our own health, and to achieve real benefits for mind body and spirit.

Meditation Improves concentration and calms the mind while Qi gong improves the circulation, strengthens the immune system, increases mobility and flexibility. Together they greatly improve general physical condition, heighten the senses.

Shaolin India Presents Special Modules for Corporate Training

Taichi Qi gong In India

Qi Gong for Perfect corporate Health- by Kanishka Sharma

Specifically for corporates, combines the powerful movements derived from Yi Jing (muscle tendon changing) Qi gong 7 Xi su Xing (Bone marrow washing Qi Gong and Taoist Qi gong

The Benefits of Shifu Kanishka's Training Program
This has been done specifically to treat ailments common to corporate who would have to work all day sitting in front of the computer. Like cervical & Spondylitis, high Blood pressure, Migraine,anxiety and short term memory lapse and it is an excellent internal exercise and a well regulated system. Qi gong enhances mental acuity, focus 7 concentration. The Qi Draws the focus and trains the mind, Qi gong helps one to calm down relax and become more peace full.

 Best Corporate retreat India

Benfits of Qi Gong (Shaoilin India)

Helps in curing coronary heart disease
Helps in curing Bronchitis
Helps in curing Soreness in lumber regions
Helps Asthma patients
Aids in Reduction of stress
Helps in curing of high blood pressure
Improves the digestive system
Toning up central nervous system
Rejuvenating five major body organs- heart, lungs, liver, kidney and spleen
Cures cervical spondylitis
Aids in Short term memory loss
A famous Chinese quote says 'Stagnant water is stale while moving water is fresh' Similarly Qi gong is meditation in motion which works not only the mind but also the body.
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